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Starter Kit

$18.00 USD$20.00 USD

All scents / Best value       

This Starter Kit is the best way to get introduced to our solid colognes! With this kit, you will get a sample of each scent in a sealable, pocketable, ultra-thin capsule that will last you 3-4 weeks (4x more than our sample cards!)

Each capsule is leakproof and is 3 cm in diameter and 0.5 cm in thickness so you can throw it in your wallet or pocket without taking up space. 



ORIGINAL Collection Scents

ORIGINAL 001 / Amber, Citrus, Woody

ORIGINAL 002 / Citrus, Aquatic, Musky
ORIGINAL 003 / Sweet, Aromatic, Fresh Spicy

ELEMENT Collection Scents

ELEMENT Gold / Warm, Spicy, Ambery
ELEMENT Green / Fresh, Floral, Musky
ELEMENT Purple / Fruity, Smoky, Woody

Starter Kit

$18.00 USD$20.00 USD