Our Vision: 

You're a modern man living in a fast paced world.Everything around you is changing and now so is your cologne.The first cologne designed to work in outer space, and you're willing to test that.You pass spray colognes in your drug store and wonder, who still uses these ancient artifacts?You prefer solid colour tees over obnoxiously branded designer shirts, natural light over filters.You make decisions that matter, so we make cologne that will matter to you. #madetomatter

Our Approach:

Imagine if a cosmetic company was run by a Silicon Valley SaaS team. That's what we are. A lean, mean, direct to consumer machine. By creating our scents in-house with local ingredients and controlling the entire process, from concept to melt to arrival at your doorstep, we are able to supply eyebrow raising scents at a fair price.  

Our Process:

We're like mad scientists up in this b***! Mixing and matching, adding and subtracting, swirling beakers and breaking hearts. But seriously, we test the hell out of our scents. It all starts with the research phase.Step 1:
Deciding what atmosphere, mood, season and characteristics we want this aroma to associate with.Step 2:
It then gets passed to the lab where top, middle, base and accent notes get meticulously blended into dozens of variants. Yes, we split test our scents.Step 3:
Samplers are then sent out to our army of beta sniffers. These include fashionistas, chefs, hair stylists, influencers, designers, models, jet setters, business execs and mystical Tibetan monks (ok, not actually).We gather all the feedback, make adjustments, balance the equations and launch. 🚀