Oct, 2020

Supply Matter is Born

Launched with a passion for smell science, our brand debuts with a unique 3 scent collection (Scent No. 001, Scent No. 002, Scent No. 003)


Dec, 2020

First Major Sale

We see our first major sales boost during a seasonal promotion, gaining reputation through social media marketing and customer reviews.


Aug, 2021

Viral TikToks & GQ

By showing behind the scenes and sharing the journey on social media we started to get a lot of attention.


Jun, 2022

Shipping and Production Issues

It wasn't always great, with huge increase of sales and word of mouth about our scents we struggled to keep up. This caused some delayed orders and production nightmares.

Lets Try This Again

Oct, 2022

Lessons Learned, Progress Earned

We decided to hit the pause button. Take a step back. Figure out systems and double down on the product quality instead of just virality.


Apr, 2023

Commitment to Quality

With lessons learned from the past we continue to grow by focusing on what matters, making the best smelling fragrances on the market today.

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